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as is the office tradition [02 Mar 2012|02:49pm]
Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000149 EndHTML:0000002292 StartFragment:0000000199 EndFragment:0000002258 StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002258 Dear frogs,

There’s a quote about my hometown that its residents are fond of attributing to Mark Twain and repeating often, “If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati because everything happens there ten years later." On my last day at frog, I can’t help but smile at it as I remember that it was in Cincinnati, as a design student a million [ok, ten] years ago, that I first learned about frog. The industrial designers got breathy and starry-eyed when they talked about it; we were all jaw-dropped whenever one in a blue moon would land an internship there. frog was among the penultimate victories of our design school ambitions: to leave Ten-years-behind-opolis to design the real future.

So believe me when I tell you that it has meant so much to have been a part of it. I am incredulous sometimes.

You could make a MadLib for my frog experience and it would probably all be true: My time at frog has been _________ [awesome / hard / scary / silly / life-changing]! I have _________ [learned / cried / worked / grown / hung upside-down] so much here, and will never forget all the amazing  _______ [people / projects / spam emails / meetings / trips / ideas / snacks].

frog is complicated, duh; but designing the future is complicated business. It is exciting, open, full of possibility and opportunity, but also uncertain, nebulous, even a little fragile. To make it in a place like this takes equal parts squishy heart and iron stomach, and I am tremendously grateful to have had the opportunity to find in myself a bit of both. I leave stronger and more confident than when I walked in, fire-tested and wiser, and also enormously and repeatedly humbled by the zest, genius, dedication, willingness and guts you all bring to this place.

From the bottom of my squishy heart, thank you for letting me contribute my whole self, little trapeze and all. Stay in touch, ok?


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this is what a radical feminist looks like [30 Jan 2012|04:49pm]
Jaleen Francois
jaleenism of the day:
"i'm just, you know, trying to be true to my feminist ideals and stick my neck out on this even though it makes me uncomfortable"

Kristina Loring

Jaleen Francois

Kristina Loring
what is this in reference to

Jaleen Francois
adam just went through this workshop we're doing tomorrow
and he's like
ok, heres where i talk, and here's where hans talks, and you two will just be roaming the room helping out and making sure everyone is on track

and i said
um, i'm concerned that alicia and i look like fly girls

Kristina Loring

Jaleen Francois
adam was like, yeah i get that, i share your concern
and then goes through and is like 'but i told hans to do this blah blah'

and i just said, "wellllllllll you guys have to share."

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india is another planet [06 Jun 2011|05:07am]
a planet that is very very hot and has very little regard for traffic rules.
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public service announcement: email best practices [05 Dec 2010|08:48pm]
on the heels of 2 embarrassing email fails this week in front of VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE I HAVE BEEN TRUSTED TO HANDLE, i'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that it is very important to

-double-check that the email recipients listed in the 'to:' line are indeed the ones you intend to communicate with
-double-check that the subject line is indeed appropriate to the message contained within (this becomes particularly important if you start the email as a question to someone else, and then decide 'fuck it i'll just do it however i think it should be done' and modify the recipients.)
-compose the email with the recipients fields left blank, so that you do not prematurely send an email draft that you don't wish to send

similar rules apply to text messages, as my weekend experience can attest. somebody take these machines away from me.


goddamn. let's go, monday, let's go.
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it would be the degovia's second bacon, but other than that... [09 Apr 2010|02:05am]
My First Bacon has sex with your mom.
(what gives, embedding?)

in case you thought this was just some weird-ass video, rest assured that this is a thing you can own.

Product Specifications

  • Huggable plush bacon for kids and kids at heart 8 and older
  • Says "I'm bacon!" when you squeeze him
  • Mechanical animated mouth
  • Velveteen pork flesh and super soft fleece fat
  • Teach your kids to love bacon, not pigs
  • Please do not eat My First Bacon(tm).
  • Requires 3 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 19" tall by 7" wide
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officiants [04 Feb 2010|10:46pm]
anyone know anyone that does weddings for strangers in the bay area? 
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if your house was on fire, what would you take? [03 Nov 2009|10:31am]
This morning at about 4am we woke up smelling smoke, and out of our bedroom window we could see a 2-story tall pine tree on fire in the back of the park, right on the fence that borders our building's small parking lot. As we watched, we could hear a neighbor on the phone to 911 — "Yes, it's still burning...No, it's not spreading yet but it seems like it's still growing...Oh, that's not good!" The fire jumped at one point to catch the top parts of the tree. Little ashes and embers were blowing all over, toward the nearby taller trees, over our cars and toward our building. At that point, we got out of there.

drubious threw on shoes and went to move the car, and I took the time to put on a bra and socks. But in my 4am haze, I could not think of one loved object to bring with me in case this got bad. I sort of tried, but nothing really stood out at the time. I couldn't justify one thing over the other; I just kept thinking, 'please don't catch on fire, apartment, because there's stuff in here I really like.' It occurred to me that the whole place probably wouldn't go up in flames, but if they had to spray water at the building and my bedding got drenched, I'd be upset. I grabbed my keys and my purse, made sure I had my cell phone and jumped in the car.

We drove around a couple blocks looking for a new parking spot, and the fire truck was quickly on the scene. We couldn't find a place to park, and we couldn't see any more fire, so we went back and noticed water running down the driveway—probably a good sign? It was. The fire stayed relegated to the one tree, which got hosed and put out quickly, and nothing spread. We put the car back to find water all over our parking lot and the air smelling strangely fresh. The whole ordeal probably lasted 10 minutes. Thank you, fire department!

We went back inside and I jumped right back into my bed; drubious, however, poked around a bit. A fireman walked around our back property with a flashlight, and I felt safe enough to go back to sleep. As I was getting back into sleep mode, drubious, standing at the window, said, "That Audi didn't put the lotion in the basket."

To which I replied, "That makes perfect sense at 4 in the morning."

"It got hosed. It's all wet."

"...Oh my god."

"WE put the lotion in the basket."

Gratitude to city services for keeping me safe, and for much more life ahead of me to spend with that man.
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halloween fell down; i want thanksgiving! [02 Nov 2009|10:16am]

so halloween was a bust.Collapse )


i don't have the apartment to host the thanksgiving i'd like, but that might not mean i won't try if it comes to it. i want thanksgiving with people i love hanging out leisurely in sweaters and jeans and a football game on in the background that i have no real interest in except for the ambiance it creates. if this sounds like anything others might be interested in, please let me know. i'll be attempting to concoct or contribute to some sort of plan, starting now.

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we got blogged! [22 Oct 2009|01:02pm]
hahaha amazing!


the views on andrew's flickr are crazy—something like 9k today. wheee!
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i wish i could sew [09 Oct 2009|03:33pm]

thats all.
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wedding favor request to the sacramento people [02 Sep 2009|02:53pm]
is anyone who plans on partying for a while on saturday willing to take a 50-cup percolator back with them, and then make sure it gets back to janelle? she's loaning us one, but im not sure the best way to get it returned. if anybody is willing to take that on, it would be enormously appreciated!!

lemme know.

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i'm getting married in 4 days [01 Sep 2009|09:53am]
and this is what i'm starting my days with:
(which is an awesome website.)

haha yeaaaahh!!

things are busy, but not insane. to a greater degree than i expected, i am enjoying the process. planning the party is fun, picking out prettythings to wear is great, having an excuse to indulge without excessive guilt while still staying within the budget is delicious, and marrying the guy i want to spend my life with is incredible and exciting. i'm actually NOT sweating the small stuff, and not just reminding myself not to. my rings? they're not here yet but i'm sure they'll get here someday. one of the readers? can't get in touch with her to save my life but she's rsvp'ed for the rehearsal. i had to cross one of my dreamthings off of the list (because it cost $1300 and i remembered that if i was going to spend that much money on something besides my debt it would be a scooter), but we've figured out a way to do it just as well with things we already have. duh creativity. everything is awesome. party on saturday.
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figment the mouse [24 Aug 2009|11:46pm]
i don't remember when figment made his first appearance. i think it was just before jamie got here, so ...may? i was sitting on the couch home alone when i spotted the tiniest, cutest little brown mouse cruising from the fireplace to the refrigerator, to the stove, then back to the fireplace. this little mouse goes home and sits in a rocking chair. he wears spectacles. he reads books by the fire and nibbles aged cheeses.

and he is slyyyyyyyy.

first, i got some humane no-kill trap and filled it with alluring treats to appeal to his sophisticated palette: goat cheese and almond butter. also, we are bourgeoise, apparently. figment would have none of it, though. probably because he's too good for our costco goat cheese...and because there's more food to find on the floor, unobstructed by little ethical metal flanges. 

so andrew goes about catching him in these absurd, prop-heavy, hairbrained looking ways. he'll wrangle some 2x4s, some foamcore, whatever's around to try and corral him to--somewhere. at first, it was just into a garbage can flipped upside down, but that failed. now the technique is more finessed: trapping him in a medium sized plastic funnel, hand protected by an old welding glove. what happens next, should that step be successful, is yet unclear.

we almost got so far, once. andrew caught him trying to scamper away from the refrigerator to his secret fireplace portal. he was under the funnel! but then andrew's phone rang and -- seriously? -- he went to answer it. he put a mug on the funnel's hole and told me to hold it down, like that little mouse was going to use his thumbs and flip up the funnel and stroll out from underneath the edge. nope. turns out, he jumped up and through the funnel hole at the top, snaking between the edge and some gap left by the mug's curvature. like he levitated or something. i shrieked like some cartoon housewife and figment lived to squat another day.

he's really become quite a character here. you catch sight of some shadow in the corner of your eye, then the next time you see it you realize it's figment, zooming around to hide under the fridge. once there's a sighting, we all three do something to try and catch him -- jamie grabs some foamcore and andrew puts on his glove, i try to find a flashlight and usually something to perch on. sometimes he races past us all, and sometimes he just evaporates. 

what's funny is, he makes his appearances so sporadically. like we're some vacation home. and because he's so cute that we forget he's probably gross, and because he just makes these occasional cameo appearances, and because we are so hilarious looking while being thwarted by this tiny interloper, we all sort of like him. we respect him for being wiley. the rivalry between andrew and he seems good-natured, sportsmanlike. sometimes i'm not sure who i'm cheering for.

we'll win, eventually, and he'll go outside, surely carried ceremoniously to the curb where he will delight in some trash can sludge and abandoned curb burgers. he'll probably like it so much that he won't even miss us. but we'll miss him.

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fat lip update [13 Aug 2009|12:43am]
seriously livejournal?


now it's 1 in the morning and i can't recreate the real entry i wrote. internet, why are you eating all of my content lately? this is happening.

the short story is, it went away mostly and no one knows what the hell it was or what it meant. i am still unconvinced about insect bite because nowhere does it hurt or sting or itch or even feel like it could have been a puncture point. hopefully it's just some totally one-off bizarro reaction to the wedding finance conversation last night and not me allergic to sleeping. because i plan to do some sleeping right now.

totally f-ing wierd though. i woke up stressed, but told andrew to kiss my gigantic fat lip goodbye...which signaled to jamie that it was ok to joke about it. which he proceeded to do all day. fortunately i have an ego of steel or some shit. today at work people were like, whoa what'd you do? and all i could say was, 'went to sleep.'

goodnight dot com.

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fat lip update [12 Aug 2009|06:09pm]
thanks for comments and suggestions, crew! so the first thing i told jamie wasm
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ask dr. livejournal [12 Aug 2009|07:51am]
so i woke up at 7:15 this morning with my upper left lip swollen to about 3 times its regular size. it feels like its asleep and it looks rediculous. everything else is fine and normal. i didnt eat anything unusual before going to bed, haven't taken any medications, and it doesn't seem to have a particular spot or puncture point for it to be an insect bite. i am experiencing some stress, but nothing major at all--on a stress scale of 1 to 10, id call myself a 4.5 (haha give that 2 weeks. wedding time is fun time!)

google searches have been fairly un-trauma-inducing (except this gem i found). i'm going to take some ibprofin and some benadryl, and maybe put ice on it, but besides that i dont know what to think. wtf?
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wedding anxiety dreams [31 Jul 2009|08:15am]
 are stupiddddddddd!

last night it was the rehearsal dinner. no one planned it so nobody knew where to go or what was going on, it was too late to get a reservation for so many people and i had the distinct feeling that everyone was pissed off but being kind out of obligation. then anne and mario gave us kittens and anne said, "yeah it's nice now that you're married and you can call them no-lords instead of landlords." huh?
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rafting and a few others [02 Jul 2009|09:52am]

please come rafting on sunday, july 19th! i miss you and it would be nice to be in the water and hanging out with friends. andrew needs an official head count to figure out how many boats we'll need, so please rsvp here or by emailing me. also, pass this call out to folks who don't read my journal, of course. hooray thanks!!

- - - - -

i haven't updated in a while because i'm busy and my computer is generally so slow that being near it makes me angry. here are a few things --

-wedding planning had better get serious now, because its 2 months away. invitations are due to ourselves by sunday night, stamped and addressed. so we should probably nail down that design and figure out how we're printing these, yes? andrew and i are sort of having a design contest, which i sort of knew would happen. all i want is for them to be adequate; they dont have to be the best or most inventive and clever things anyone has ever seen, they just have to tell people where to be. whatever.

-circus is good, overall. our first camp week was really fun but confusing because jamie and i didnt know the format, the second week was better in that we knew more about how things should go but the kids were less into it than week 1. i put together a triple trapeze routine that i stole from a video i found and it was hard and pretty and i totally got my kids to buy in and work hard to get it done, so it made me happy. i'm re-learning to pull safety lines and i now have a pair of gloves with my name written on them which i really like. i am in love with the owners.

-jamie and i are toying with double trapeze. neither of us know much about what we're doing up there, but we trust each other a lot. he's really strong and i'm pretty aware of where i am in space, so we're figuring some stuff out. we want to do some sort of video moveement piece by the end of summer. we'll see if it happens.

-pride weekend was silly as hell. more on that later, i'm late again.

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i bloggg [18 Jun 2009|06:15pm]
today i got a text saying i am now officially a liberal blogger.


haha endorsement! 

we'll see how once a week goes. i'm excited.
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my sincere apologies to sara for the pen on her calendar [03 Jun 2009|10:37am]
mario has suggested that July 19th would be better for him for rafting, and I have to agree*. so,

I hereby FORMALLY INVITE everyone to a day of rafting

on SUNDAY, July 19th

all day, starting early

on the south fork of the American River

Sorry for the switch, loves. Please come! Please spread the word! I will look for an official head count in a little bit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*Jamie's solo autobiographical piece has JUST been accepted into the San Francisco Theatre Festival, which takes place on the 26th. I am so proud!

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